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Vacuum Circuit Breaker And CTPT Metering Unit

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APFC And PDB Panels

Price: 200000 INR

Automatic Power Factor Panel is used to correct the power factor , Electrical loads such as motors can cause electrical systems to be very inductive, which results in very lagging power factor i.e. wastage of energy. The simple solution to maintain the power factor in required range is to connect or disconnect the power factor correction capacitors. Manual switching is just impossible for rapidly fluctuating loads and hence an automatic control system is required which continuously monitors the power factor and make appropriate corrections to maintain it within the required range.

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Price: 190000-325000 INR

VCB means vacuum circuit breaker it used in high voltage (HV) lines It has one mechanism in this mechanism spring is there it is connected with small electric motor for charging the spring but we can do manually charge also by this spring tension circuit closing or circuit open can be done. The circuit closing can be done by (CC closing coil) also. In VCB CT are used for measuring, controlling & protection purpose.

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CTPT Metering Unit

Price: 38000 INR
  • Delivery Time:15 Days