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Product And Services

Automatic Step Voltage Transformer

Automatic Step Voltage Transformer (ASVT) is a type of transformer that is used in power systems. An ASVT is a transformer that automatically adjusts the voltage output according to the load requirements in order to provide a stable voltage level for critical applications.

Dry Type Transformer

 Unlike oil-filled transformers, a type of transformer known as a dry type transformer does not need liquid cooling. They are used in a variety of situations where using oil-filled transformers is impractical or where fire safety is a top priority.

Furnace Transformer

Electric arc furnaces are powered by a particular type of transformer called a furnace transformer in industrial settings. These transformers are made to resist the high current and voltage levels needed to melt and refine metals.

Ring Main Unit Panel

Ring Main Unit Panels are a type of switchgear used in medium voltage power distribution networks. They are designed to provide reliable and safe distribution of electrical power to multiple loads from a single source. They are used in industrial and commercial buildings, power plants, and substations.


Unitized Substation

Unitized Substations are pre-engineered and factory-built substations designed for use in a variety of applications, including industrial and commercial buildings, power plants, and distribution networks. They are designed to provide a compact, turnkey solution for electrical power distribution, with all the necessary components housed in a single enclosure.

Outdoor Vcb

An Outdoor VCB is a type of electrical switchgear designed for use in outdoor environments. It is used to protect electrical equipment from overloads and short circuits and is typically installed in distribution systems, transmission networks, and power generation plants.

Tricolite Medium Voltage Vcb

Tricolite Medium Voltage VCB is a type of electrical circuit breaker used to protect electrical equipment and electrical systems against overloads and short circuits. It is designed to operate at medium voltage levels and is widely used in power plants, transmission networks and distribution systems.


Distribution Transformer Manufacturer

Distribution Transformer Manufacturer is a company specialized in the design, development and production of distribution transformers. These transformers are used in electrical distribution systems to transfer electrical energy from high-voltage transmission lines to low-voltage distribution lines.

Vaccum Circuit Breaker

A Vaccum Circuit Breaker is an electrical circuit breaker used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment in high-voltage systems. It works on the principle that a vacuum is created between its contacts, which prevents arcing when the circuit is open.